Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Motivation is at an all time......loooooow. Got the ideas, pretty sure I got the know how, just don't seem to have the get up and go. Maybe I have party come down? Bah, another excuse. Lets list some dot points shall we? (This will either be the fire cracker I need, or just another damn list. Sigh.) Ok. Here we go. Things I know.....

1. I have 2 exhibitions drawing closer, one of those is a solo.
2. We are talking July 30th and August.
3. I have an order for my production which should have been finished for April...
4. I don't spend enough time in my studio.
5. I am participating in the Katherine Grey workshop.

Well, nope, still feel the same. Ok, how bout this one, what do I need to do?
1. Get a freakin calendar, write a timeline.
2. Finish order.
3. Hang Shirley.

Thats enough, I think all I really have to do is make a timeline. Thanks for helpin.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Glass Garden

So by now you might have guessed what my theme is for my exhibition...the garden. Well it's pretty loose by still green and leafy all the same. I made some catcus that i just laughed my ass off while i was making them so I figured, how can that be bad? I gots to make more!! So lately i have been photographing like a demon, for any small scrap of inspiration. Hence the trip to hillside herbs to purchase "research" succulents. I need them for their shapes dammnit!! And they are gorgeous, how can I refuse?

Monday, April 12, 2010


Meet Shirley, a lovable lass who enjoys a laugh or two. Shirley's are my hanging pieces I make which are constructed of numerous blown pieces which are then fitted together to form the whole. Shirley's are a lot of fun to make and I think there is a lot of scope to experiment with them. So far I have made five. The fifth is for a Cibo exhibition I will be apart of in late April so I will post some installation pics up as they happen.
For me, when I make them hot, they encompass what glass blowing is about. You are really letting the glass do what it wants to do. You are working with the glass, not against it. The assembly of a Shirley is entirely another challenge. I like seeing these random shapes fit together and begin to make a unified piece. Hidden pathways start to emerge through line and it is alway exciting to see a shirley grow.
I am looking forward to making a red one, move away from the pastels and see what happens...

The new kids on the block

So these are my new additions to the fam. I am really interested in these dusty colours they have going on. Am hoping I can translate them to glass. So far I have just experimented with some basic transparent greens, so looks like a new colour order from Gaffer. "Hello? Gaffer Glass? Yes, I'd like some succulent colours please" Am wondering if I should try sand blasting some to get that nice chalky kinda look...
Finally I have found a genuine excuse for my succulent spendings... research mwhahaaha! sweet, sweet research..

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi there. I feel like there should be cake. Seems like a big event.. My very first blog entry. I am inspired by all those beautiful blogs out there and want to do the same for others. I'm a glassy and trying to wade through all my ideas for my first solo show coming up at the end of July..... lets hope this helps... please?