Friday, December 30, 2011

2011, the dark horse

Well here we are.

New Years Eve and it feels like its time for that recap on the year that has been post.

It's been a rough one thats fo sure. I had such an amazing year mapped out for myself and then a tsunami came along and kicked me in the preverbal balls. It messed with everything and it took me a long and painful time to recoup from it. I wasn't in Japan at the time, I didn't feel the instant wrath of the angry wave,  none of my family was affected and for this I am thankful. None the less, I did feel its affects on another level.

I think I felt lost for the most of the second part of the year. There was so much anticipation, I was totally in the moment and believing my own hype. I could do anything and I was making everything happen for myself. I felt in control of my career and its development and I felt happy. I had planned so much around the outcome of that proposed Japan trip that I could not see the path without it. Consequently I have been adrift since.

I think I might focus on what I did achieve this year.....
I ran a work shop at the Jam.

I developed a new body of work.
I held a solo exhibition for SALA.
I was apart of a group show at One Small Room
I worked on and promoted a new production line.
I worked on an amazing project with the talented Ruth Allen.
I did laugh alot with my friends
I was a featured artist on Aspects promo.
I held a regular, once a week blowing session.
I employed a regular assistant.
I developed another body of work in which I see great potential
I participated in another group show with group of talented ladies
I was asked to participate in the amazing pop up house for The Design Files
And I was featured in Inside Out Magazine
Lost a job and gained a job
Enjoyed a brief obsession with sewing 
Worked on a commissioned piece
Worked on another commission for an amazing lady who gave me free reign
Got a cat face

And maybe the most exciting thing... We are planning our wedding for next January!

So yeah, I guess I did some stuff. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself? I'm a good guy at stuff?
Stay tuned for things I want to do.....
 Now lets all go out and get ourselves a cocktail.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Online Sale!!!

Did you know you, for a short time you can purchase these bad boys on line?!!! Can you believe it? Me? the most untechnological person on the interwizzle, wonders never cease!

Thanks to the delightful Lucy, of The Design Files, you can pop over and purchase your very own bonsai on line . All you have to do is go here. Maybe a bonsai for your lovely nan for Christmas?.....

I would head over quick if you were thinking about it.....i hear they are being snapped up!! HOW exciting!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Room for Growth

So here are some snaps of our install for "Room for Growth". Install is always a tricky one and can be quite stressful. I think we did pretty well together. Everyone helped each other and I think as a result the show looks fantastic. The work all sits together harmoniously I think it is a beautiful show. Maybe you should check it out? 
The opening was fun too, good turn out and I was quite chuffed most of my cute family was there. Sunday arvo is a great time for an opening. I forgot to take my camera to the opening....nuts. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sneak preview...

I should be getting ready for work but instead I wanted to show you these pictures!! HAhahahaha! Late!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Welcome to Bowerbird

Look how happy everyone is at the end of the day!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Glass monkey what not

Hey check it! Its me on the glass!!

Hey lookit its me again! And my amazing assistant Dani Rickaby. I am making a bonsai. These pics are taken by the super lovely Lucy Feagins of The Design Files. This week she is running a special on JamFactory. You should definately hop over and take a look.

Lucy rocked up for the last piece of the day and right at the crucial part; the jack heat. Usually Dani and I are all, blah, blah, blah and ha, ha, ha (and we have been told we are quite vocal in the hot shop..) but when Lucy got there I went into super glass blower concentration mode. I'm just glad we got the piece away, phew!

Oh and if you liked the last post, I can't wait to show you what I have cooking for you next.....!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Succulent Saturday.

Lookit!! Look at all these beauties I got myself today!! And this is me being restrained... I went with my moomah up to the amazing Hillside Herbs in McLaren Vale today to pick out candidates for my terrariums. These are going to the group show that I am in in a couple of weeks at Prospect Gallery. The show is called "Room For Growth" and it is really a bunch of garden loving gals putting their work out for the world to see. Artists include Christine Cholewa, Michelle Kelly, Rosie Hannam and little ole me.

So, I started out like this....

Here's my hand blown and coldworked terrarium I made...

Homemade funnel, add some pebbles for drainage....

Add some dirt, then the fun stuff!

And then they look like this! I am pretty chuffed with them. I am getting some dealies made (thanks daddyo) with some nice stainless steel rope so they can hang.

It was really fun arranging them and placing (cramming) them in with some super handy little clampy tongs shellsy gave me.

Then I put them out on the lawn, gave them a spritz and voila!

Lets hope their little roots take and I can keep them alive for the show....

I also have some pretty funny mini figurines to add to them.

And this is the mess I made.