Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eye candy

Got me some pretty snaps taken today!! Had the very lovely Michael Haines take some photos for me. Poor guy, I rocked up early like the punctual super nerd I am (Adelaide DOES have a peak hour!!) barraged in with my boxes of work and a bucket of blooms all before the man had even had his morning coffee. He was fantastic and lovely to work with.

Just one big happy family.

Nice up close detail.

Super sweet clear shot. Michael really helped me out on the composition of this one. Clear is a tricky customer.

One of my favourite compositions. I love how they talk together. I rocked in there super organised, had each vase marked to a corresponding bunch of flowers. Got there, all went out the window and free styled it! As the shoot went on I had more ideas, would definately like to take some more and really work on the relationship between the vessels. I kept thinking of tiltles like "Inane chatter" or "Conversations in glass". Would be fun to do some back to back, kind of like "a minor disagreement.." They are so lively, I feel like they each have their own personality, some of them get along some of them don't.

Simple but nice, yes?

And finally got around to getting a proper product shot of my Colour Pots. Look how bright and happy they look. So then I dropped them straight off to the shop, made the lovely Sophie a particuarly sweet arrangement in one of my grey vases then got to hang out with my moomah for the rest of the arvo. Huzzah for mums! They are the best.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Residency complete!!

I made it!

One sore left side, one very tired little bird, one small burn, one amazing opportunity. I think I have produced some interesting works which I see great potential for. Am getting a few flashy snaps taken this week so will give you a gander as soon as I have them.

It has been such a roller coaster of a week! In all honesty, if and when I do this again I have learnt one very important lesson; scheduling. Know it. Learn it. Live it. I don't really know what I was thinking blowing glass everyday for two weeks. Who do I think I am? Sir Puff a lot? Minimum 8 hours on the floor didn't really give me the chance to sit with the work so to speak. If given a bit of time off the floor I probably would have been in a better position, both mentally and physically, to get the most out of my sessions. But you know what, sometimes you don't have that luxury and you just make the best of what you are given!

I have really enjoyed my time with the associates too. We chatted about designs, talked about grant applications, blew some glass and had some beers together. They work so hard, they are nothing short of amazing. One of the things that made me the happiest was that they said this was the best special projects that they have had!! The best!! That makes me so happy, I feel like I have achieved my ultimate goal of having an even playing field. I was very adament that I wanted them to take as much from me as I was taking for them. As a consequence I think that is why we had such great success.

I definately feel more connected to the glass world and am looking forward to the next couple of weeks to keep the momentum going.

Thats it for now. I'm beat. But before I go, check this video out. This is glass blower Nancy Callan talking about her passion. Holy shitballs, this is one inspiring woman. Maybe she would take me on?....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

week one round up

I have been a busy bee! In the studio every day this week, on the glass, in the mix! What a rollercoaster let me tell you... the highs, the lows and the inbetweens! I think though that all in all, it has been a fantastic experience and I am already looking forward to next week. It is just such an amazing opportunity to be making every day and i am extremely grateful for this chance to work with the Jam again.

So let me break it down for ya... the first few sessions were ridiculously productive! I couldn't believe that by the end of session 2, it looked just like my drawing!! Amazing. But wait, don't get too excited, then I hit a wall and couldn't seem to replicate it. It made no sense, I did'nt know what i was doing wrong and it was messing with my head.

The next session I decided to throw some colour in the mix and really had the same problem. I had no choice but to push through. During prototyping my own work I was also working with the associates on their own work and working for Ruth in the evenings. To say I was tired was an understatement. Mentally and physically exhausted. Thursday night had me laughing uncontrollably, borderline hysterically because I saw a mouse 'amble' through the living room... can you detect my state of mind?

So lets face it, it was the end of the week and I really didn't hold much faith in Friday's session. But there I was. So I did what any respectable artist would do, I steeled my nerves, chugged a red bull and had a shot of cement. In other words I told myself to harden the flip up and get on with the job. You know what it worked. By the end of the session I got the illusive perfect pop.

As you can see with these vessels there is an extra mouth. To achieve this I make the shape, transfer to punty then spot heat and pop the bub with the sophie externally. The problem with this is that it is so unpredictable. Somehow I had to learn and find the common thread, find the pattern in the random so to speak. It's a fine line of understanding the material, alowing t to do what it wants to do, but having the foresight to control it. You control the glass, not the other way round.
And there it is. Glass blowing never ceases to amaze me. You can be totally prepared, mentally and physically then have the worst session of your life and wonder what the hell happened t all that intensive training you went through. Then the next instance, you can be at the end of your tether, body hurting, exhaustion setting in, resorting to energy drinks to keep your eyes open, and bam! You nail it. Amazing.

I have really enjoyed working with the associates too. Each of them is so different and is trying to attain different things. It's great. I get to talk about everything from design to manufacture, we nut things out, we help each other out.

At the moment I am very happy with where the work is heading, and feel that my skill level is getting better everyday. I go to bed thinking about what I will make the next day and keep myself awake thinking about the possibilities! Get some sleep already!!

Lookit, these two are taking to each other. The tall needs the small to survive. An impractical design or criminal genius? You be the judge.. x

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Early days

Welcome to my new nest!! This is my temporary new home for the next two weeks. As you can see, I have already made myself at home..

These are the colours I think I will be going for.

This was one of my first attempts to replicate my design sketches. It looks just like the picture!! Very happy with this for a first attempts. Using the hot torch to pop another hole.

These wonky lil family are the results from session one.

I really like the simplicity and lines of the arrangement in the vessel.

Clear glass is difficult to photograph, so it's a bit difficult to see whats going on here. (trust me, it's lokin goooood!) The proteas make for nice strong stems.

These are just some arrangements in old vessels.

Hey look it's Ruth! Hard at work layin mosaics of course.

Residency, week one...

Today I took the Jam kids up to Mt. Lofty Botanic gardens for some inspiration. These pictures are just a snippet of what we saw. The colours are in full flight, a riot of colour if you will. I thought it might be nice to get them out of the studio and into the fresh air. It always helps me. Colour is a big part of all my inspirations. I am a fiend for it you could say. Colour has the ability to change your mood, the atmosphere, it can dictate your choices, it is everywhere. Colour should not be underestimated. Such a powerful force, sometimes can go under the radar when you are designing.

Was a beautiful crisp morning. Blue skies, dew still on the grass. A good day for taking in the sights.
In other news, I have been on the glass everyday!! In the studio and getting to blow glass everyday, it's so exciting. I am feeling inspired and I am really enjoying the freedom to prototype. Ruth is also over to make some work of her own so we are doing a couple of trades to help each other out. So far the prototype have been great and already I am getting some satisfying results. Doing some crazy stuff, poppin holes and what not! Will have some more pics to show you soon, didn't want to overload you! (I had more autumn shots, this was me being restrained..)

I think this is my shot of the day with the lovely Dani in front.

Although, this peachy number is pretty nice...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday afternoons are the best

Lookit! A birthday present for a soon to be mama...

Some fresh blooms for inspiration. On Monday I will begin my two week residency at the Jam. Am super excited and ready to throw myself in 100%, give it all I gots and see what comes out the other side. (I am secretly hoping for something AMAZING!!) Today is my last day of work for Borders. We are closing down. It has been a real rollercoaster, full of highs and lows, tears, hilarity, rude customers beyond belief, heart warming individuals and a whole heap of amazing books. Now, finally I think I am able to take the positive from the negative.

A two week residency to kick things off, then I have decided to take the next month to concentrate solely on glass. I have 3 exhibitions coming up, orders to fill and I am going to use this precious time to, ahem, take over the world. Yeah! You herd me! Take over the mother flippin world!! Sure money may be an issue, but sometimes you just gotta jump right? Take risks, take over the world. Sounds about right.

Look at these crazy guys. Tulips wanting to escape and do their evil bidding no doubt. That's why I gots to keep them contained , who knows what they would get up to if I gave them half the chance?..

Oh! and look what I got i the mail!! This awesome handmade pendant in the mail!! I bought it from etsy from the amazing seller Cat Rabbit. This is one seriously talented lady. Check her out she makes fantastic critters.

Dodgy picture of me wearing my new necklace. I am proud as punch, no?

Listening to my faaaaavourite records, Devo, live recording and Good Morning Vietnam. Also some Stevie Wonder, Talking Book. Finally figured out how to turn on the decks. We've only lived here a year and a half, sheesh.

And at some point I inted to turn these awesome fabrics into a quilt! How good is the octopus one? Last weekend I popped into the Bower Bird market at met the lovely ladies from Ink and Spindle. They make such great textiles, I couldn't help myself. (Also bought a ...baby blanket, eep! I couldn't help myself!!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweet Studio

Welcome to Lobe! This is my mentor, Ruth Allen's studio. I went over at Easter to check it out and man, oh man, it is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Ruth and her partner have done so much work to create this amazing workshop that it kind of blows my mind if I start thinking too hard about it all.
So, Lobe is set in deep Coburg. Actually kinda Coburg-industrial town. There is all sorts of interesting stuff going on in their street, not to mention an awesome fish monger across the street. So to combat the loud street, ruth has created a little green oasis in their front yard.

This is one of ruth's large wall installations. How nice to have a big, beautiful white wall to do test runs on.
This is the inside.

This is the beginnings of a bigger glory hole.

These are Ruth's production. She cuts up beer bottles, picks them up hot, then makes them into beer glasses. Talk about your recycling! It's also fun to get the stock up...

This is the baby gloryhole! Great for making beer glasses.

Such a beautiful and inspiring studio. I really like hanging out there and can't wait to go back.