Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Glass Garden

Here you go, for my interstate and international lovelies who couldn't make it, some pics of the glass garden.

But if you are in town, there's still time! Show runs until the 5th of September.

Was a great opening night, stacks of people. Family, friends and free booze lovers.

What's that you spy? Some little red dots? Little red dots = sales! Sweet, sweet sales! Momma needs a brand new pair of everything!


  1. I likey Mander, you drive this like a pro.
    Your glass blowing is even better. I did some training recently at the cinema next door, and peeked in knowing your silicone tasties were next door but didn't know what to look for. I know now!
    Once again, likey likey.
    MP x

  2. are any of these for purchase? I'm not the richest woman but I love these!!!!

  3. i have decided that as soon as the exhibition comes down, i will trial an etsy site. will keep you all posted, thanks for all the succulent love!