Friday, February 4, 2011

Tuxedo Cat meets Ruth Allen

Ah, you have all been so patient my little ones! Now I am happy to announce my big news I promised.....
I have been accepted into this years Jump Mentorship Program! (Cue screaming, general racket and good time cheering noises from crowd) You can check out my spiel here. My mentor is Ruth Allen. She is a Melbourne based glassy who makes large installation type pieces which focus on light and sound. She is an all round good guy at stuff.
We are very excited to be working together and the potentials are endless! To get the ball rolling I will be assisting Ruth in making some large scale work for this years Adelaide Fringe. It's going to be a big ole mobile to hang in at the grand Electra House. Tuxedo Cat are a group of hipsters bringing the good times to Adelaide. They are the King of the pop up venue, last year running a fabulous rooftop bar, and we are very excited to be in cahoots with them. It's going to be a long haul, so settle in why don't you, strap yourself in for the ride and let me elaborate a little...
So, the above pictures are perhaps the find of the century, so to speak. Once Ruth and I got in contact, she mentioned to me that she was looking at making some work for the fringe but was yet to find a suitable venue. Would I mind being the Scout, the girl on the ground? The Adelaide connection! After much sleuthing I remembered Tuxedo Cat from last year and began the conversation to hang some work in their establishment. They had found "Electra" house. A run down, heritage listed building with nothing going on but some punks and a whole lot of pidgeons. Its fantastic. Words cannot describe. Its got that whole grandeour from another era going on. It is truly beautiful in its decrepid state and the beauty of Tuxedo Cat is that they are not trying to change this vibe but to elaborate. None of your shiny, soulless revamps here. They are going for grunge! In all its preloved glory!
To make the work, Ruth is running a special projects with the trainees of JamFactory. Basically we will all work as a team to make the work then Ruth and I will work with another team to install. This is an amazing opportunity for me to weasel in on! So excited!!
So I will do my best to document the ride for you. Strap yourselves in real tight my lovelies, this one, she's gonna be big....


  1. Oh Amanda, that sounds sooooooo amazing!I look forward to hearing the progress. Oh and did I mention that your feature post on my blog gets HEAPS of hits? Probably more than any others! Congrats!
    M x

  2. thanks mon! you will have to come to the grand opening and have a fancy drink with us. great to hear about your blog too! thanks so much x