Thursday, April 7, 2011


So the string garden.....
"Curioser and curioser," said Alice as she tumbled down the rabbit hole...

Seems these delightful little chaps are also known as "Kokedama" or more affectionately known as; "The poor mans Bonsai". Well, well, well, what a co-winkydink, as my sister would say. Japanese related and I didn't even know it. I feel like there is potential here for new research material!! I am a part of a group show which is entirely garden related, later this year and have been wondering which direction to take, maybe this is a good start?

So quite often these little guys are covered in moss, and moss to the Japanese is considered quite beautiful. Moss even appears in ancient poetry and even in the national anthem of Japan (so I'm told..) meaning that Kokedama can now be regarded as a part of Japan that fuses tradition and modernity.

They are the ultimate in sustainable living and for the space conscious. Low maintenance, beauty in the everyday. Sounds like my kind of thing... its nature that can be held in your palm. Ever precious, yet surprisingly sturdy and resilient. Much like Japan itself in this difficult time?

Ladies and gentleman, I think I have found my beginning.

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  1. heheh sounds like something I should try as it's low maintenance, my houseplants never seem to do very well. I hopped over from Meet Me At Mike's, hope you're having a good day!