Sunday, June 19, 2011

colour crush

Experimenting with colour lover is super fun.
Just been spending my Sunday hung over and trawling the interwizzle, as i like to do, and came across this sweet site. its all about colour and creating palettes. I am a real fiend for colour so this is real addictive for me. I can up load an image/photo i have taken then you can break it down into colours, even create new colours and name them for others to use and you to keep in your stash. (i made 'deep south harlot')
So this ...
Came from this!!

Super addictive, you should check it out. But maybe only if you have a few hours to spare!! You can also make patterns, see other peoples patterns and palettes, its amazing and I will have many more colour combinations to share (or bore) you with...

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