Monday, May 14, 2012

So very very tired...

I am so raggedly tired, this is how I'm sure I look.
We have just been gunning it, trying to cram in as much as possible. Ikebana classes, sight seein', big crazy design festival, about a million flights of stairs, 20 bajillion trains and one matcha flavoured kitkat (that was probably my highlight for today).

So in lieu of sleep deprived (Tokyo is just giving me the crazies dreams) I just wanna share some photos with you instead, be prepared for ramblings when I feel like it...

I would like a Japanese garden on my little balcony when I get home.

Big fan of the radish at the moment, thinking I might like to make one in glass, but then again who's gonna want to buy a glass radish?..

This ones for your Shellsy! Is this not the coolest little lamp you have ever seen?

I wish I could take one of these guys home with me.

Maybe this is why we get lost so often.....

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