Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Residency, week one...

Today I took the Jam kids up to Mt. Lofty Botanic gardens for some inspiration. These pictures are just a snippet of what we saw. The colours are in full flight, a riot of colour if you will. I thought it might be nice to get them out of the studio and into the fresh air. It always helps me. Colour is a big part of all my inspirations. I am a fiend for it you could say. Colour has the ability to change your mood, the atmosphere, it can dictate your choices, it is everywhere. Colour should not be underestimated. Such a powerful force, sometimes can go under the radar when you are designing.

Was a beautiful crisp morning. Blue skies, dew still on the grass. A good day for taking in the sights.
In other news, I have been on the glass everyday!! In the studio and getting to blow glass everyday, it's so exciting. I am feeling inspired and I am really enjoying the freedom to prototype. Ruth is also over to make some work of her own so we are doing a couple of trades to help each other out. So far the prototype have been great and already I am getting some satisfying results. Doing some crazy stuff, poppin holes and what not! Will have some more pics to show you soon, didn't want to overload you! (I had more autumn shots, this was me being restrained..)

I think this is my shot of the day with the lovely Dani in front.

Although, this peachy number is pretty nice...

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