Saturday, October 22, 2011

Succulent Saturday.

Lookit!! Look at all these beauties I got myself today!! And this is me being restrained... I went with my moomah up to the amazing Hillside Herbs in McLaren Vale today to pick out candidates for my terrariums. These are going to the group show that I am in in a couple of weeks at Prospect Gallery. The show is called "Room For Growth" and it is really a bunch of garden loving gals putting their work out for the world to see. Artists include Christine Cholewa, Michelle Kelly, Rosie Hannam and little ole me.

So, I started out like this....

Here's my hand blown and coldworked terrarium I made...

Homemade funnel, add some pebbles for drainage....

Add some dirt, then the fun stuff!

And then they look like this! I am pretty chuffed with them. I am getting some dealies made (thanks daddyo) with some nice stainless steel rope so they can hang.

It was really fun arranging them and placing (cramming) them in with some super handy little clampy tongs shellsy gave me.

Then I put them out on the lawn, gave them a spritz and voila!

Lets hope their little roots take and I can keep them alive for the show....

I also have some pretty funny mini figurines to add to them.

And this is the mess I made. 


  1. Oh my giddy aunt, I would have been in succulent heaven!

    Your terrariums looks fantastic - good luck with the show xx

  2. they look great! only complaint - take me next time too! see you soon. xc

  3. OH WOW! I want one! So lovely ...