Friday, October 14, 2011

Zombies and gremlins

Something strange is definitely afoot in blogger land. I am probably the biggest techno weenie there is. I just don't get it. If you had of told me the internet was really controlled by one guy in a box and was based pretty much on the matrix, i would have believed you. So seeing as i am such a computer moron, any small difficulty that i dont understand i like to scream, shout, create a general hullaballoo. 

so, let me put it out there fellow bloggers; i seem to have troubles uploading photos. now it seems i have to use some picasa thing then go from there? i cant upload straight from my computer? help! can someone explain for me? 

Anyway, below are some zombie pics for you to enjoy! last weekend some friends and i zombied it up and went on the zombie walk, apparently there were 8,000 people!! but these are just us....! 

 Ballerina zombie, muddying it up in the back yard...
 Chef zombie, minor mishap in the kitchen...
 CSIRo zombie....

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