Friday, December 30, 2011

2011, the dark horse

Well here we are.

New Years Eve and it feels like its time for that recap on the year that has been post.

It's been a rough one thats fo sure. I had such an amazing year mapped out for myself and then a tsunami came along and kicked me in the preverbal balls. It messed with everything and it took me a long and painful time to recoup from it. I wasn't in Japan at the time, I didn't feel the instant wrath of the angry wave,  none of my family was affected and for this I am thankful. None the less, I did feel its affects on another level.

I think I felt lost for the most of the second part of the year. There was so much anticipation, I was totally in the moment and believing my own hype. I could do anything and I was making everything happen for myself. I felt in control of my career and its development and I felt happy. I had planned so much around the outcome of that proposed Japan trip that I could not see the path without it. Consequently I have been adrift since.

I think I might focus on what I did achieve this year.....
I ran a work shop at the Jam.

I developed a new body of work.
I held a solo exhibition for SALA.
I was apart of a group show at One Small Room
I worked on and promoted a new production line.
I worked on an amazing project with the talented Ruth Allen.
I did laugh alot with my friends
I was a featured artist on Aspects promo.
I held a regular, once a week blowing session.
I employed a regular assistant.
I developed another body of work in which I see great potential
I participated in another group show with group of talented ladies
I was asked to participate in the amazing pop up house for The Design Files
And I was featured in Inside Out Magazine
Lost a job and gained a job
Enjoyed a brief obsession with sewing 
Worked on a commissioned piece
Worked on another commission for an amazing lady who gave me free reign
Got a cat face

And maybe the most exciting thing... We are planning our wedding for next January!

So yeah, I guess I did some stuff. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself? I'm a good guy at stuff?
Stay tuned for things I want to do.....
 Now lets all go out and get ourselves a cocktail.



  1. sounds like a lot of good stuff - definitely don't be too hard on yourself.

    Also, Congratulations!

    & ps, I love your glass garden series :)

  2. happy new years lady! and all the best in 2012,

    cheers to you


  3. Wowsers - sounds to me like you had a pretty great year. Good on you!!

    When were you in Inside Out?? Can't believe I missed that, will look up my back issues.

    Here's to a rad 2012. Px