Monday, January 20, 2014

Taking Stock

I nabbed this from Pip at Meet me at Mikes who I think nabbed it from Kate at Foxs Lane.....! So thanks ladies I think its a fun thing to do for the start of the year, especially seeing as it feels like a slow start for me. I am trying though (that hideous heat wave really did set me back a few days, no air-con. Ew. So ew, like ew in the depths of hell ew. I had to cover the cat in a frozen towel ew, the heat fried my brain I couldnt even remember my pin, ew. Unless you hair a cool place to sleep at night there is NO reprieve from the heat. No sleep = crank factor through the roof.) I started exer-ma-cising again and I bought a nifty journal to keep by my bed to write down pesky thoughts and snippets of dreams. 
So huzzah for me. Doing stuff and the like.
Here we go:
Making : Cardboard models for a public art project thing i am applying for
Cooking : curly pasta with pancetta, broccoli, fetta and salt and pepper
Drinking : peppermint tea
Reading: the golden finch...again!
Wanting: a ute
Looking: at utes
Playing: brain training games on my phone
Deciding: this is the year ‘i go pro’
Wishing: for a glass commission to come my way
Enjoying: eating hot cross buns with mums home made raspberry jam
Waiting: impatiently for trains to take me home
Liking: hanging out with my husband for breakfast dates
Wondering: if i will ever make it to having long hair
Loving: my new studio space
Pondering: why it is that i am such a terrible baker
Considering: learning japanese
Watching: girls
Hoping: that this is my year for an aust co grant
Marvelling: at the bat highway
Needing: a new book to read
Smelling: my cat (he smells a bit dusty)
Wearing: scarves to disguise my horrible hair (grow damn you, grow!)
Following: ant trails in the kitchen
Noticing: my hands are like my mums
Thinking: i would like to read gone with the wind
Feeling: sore in the legs from my first run in awhile
Admiring: people who walk their own paths
Sorting: out all the junk on the fridge
Buying: a new journal to keep by the bed for pesky thoughts/ideas/junk
Getting: to know new friends better
Bookmarking: waffle recipes!
Disliking: not having enough time in the day
Opening: windows to let the breeze in
Giggling: at jokes we used to tell as kids
Feeling: hopeful
Happy New Year little birds, maybe this is the year we fly the nest?

Also, BIG news... I'm about to launch my website!!
Lookit I'm telling the truth!



  1. What about knowing?
    I know this year is going to be another biggie for you.
    I can just feel it.
    I hope you find a ute.

  2. ha! i cant believe i missed that one!! must have struggled with it, how about knowing that i am a good guy at stuff? thats always a fav. and how about this? just bought a ute!! all my dreams are coming true!!