Thursday, February 13, 2014


Today is the day......The day for.......


Can you believe it?! A techno weenie such as myself being a big wig on the interwizzle with her own site! HA!
A big, big thanks must go to my very talented husband who worked to tirelessly on this to make it the beautiful thing it is. Isn't he clever? 

So please head on over to, ahem:

(under lined and everything, must be legit.)

Anyone might think this is the year for going pro........


  1. nice one! i have a new web site soon too!

    love the root vegetables!

    hope you are good.xc

  2. Congratulations! I visited the site and saw how talented your husband really is. The layout and its design is simple, but visually appealing. Remind him to keep your site updated to keep your visitors interested.
    Aligned Right Media

  3. The website looks great, Amanda. This year is really the year for going pro. I hope your new website has helped you gain a lot of online attention. Your talent should be in total reach of your fans. Good luck and all the best! :)

    Ed Campbell @ La Champion Online Marketing

  4. It looks amazing! The design is pretty catchy, and the navigation is easy. I agree that your husband is quite talented, given the way he put everything together. I hope having your very own website has helped you a lot in establishing yourself in your field. Cheers!

    Blanca Hoffman @ Marketing theProduct